ULB follows the instructions of the National Security Council and invites all members of the university community to follow these instructions in a scrupulous and responsible manner. The measures specific to ULB remain in force but are regularly re-evaluated.



To protect yourself and others, respect the sanitary measures and keep your distance.

If you are or feel ill, stay home.

Wash your hands regularly.

Keep a minimum distance of 1.50m (5 feet) between people.

Wearing a mask is mandatory.

Respect the flow of traffic on campus, keep to the right and follow the entrance and exit signs

Stay in the same area in the auditoriums and classrooms.


Disinfect your work surfaces before and after use.

Clean your equipment regularly.

If you test positive for Covid, report it to covid@ulb.be



Thank you to our visitors for respecting the sanitary instructions in force on campus:

  • Wearing a mask is mandatory
  • Physical distance
  • Hand cleaning

Consult the practical information available on this page about the services offered to the general public and institutional and cultural events.

Practical information

Get in touch with ULB services

Please communicate by way of an email. 
Use the search tool, 'directory' option to find your correspondent.


As of Wednesday 4 November, the libraries will change their services and opening conditions. Most areas of the libraries are no longer accessible; however, a system is being put in place to ensure access to the collections and the availability of a sufficient number of workplaces.
A "Click-and-Collect" system has been set up to grant access to our resources. This system will be completed by extended on-demand scannings and an appointment system will be put in place to get access to resources otherwise inaccessible via the "Click-and-Collect" and scanning systems.

Regarding access to workplaces, two library areas are temporarily closed and will be reopened on Monday 9 November:

  • The "Hall des Marbres": Solbosch campus, building A, access via avenue Franklin Roosevelt; Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and Saturday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.
  • The E Area of the GE building: Erasmus campus, access via the covered passageway connecting to the Health Sciences Library; Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and Saturday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

All useful information can be found on the libraries' website.

Study halls are open but with limited seating. These spaces are entirely dedicated to individual study. Sanitary measures (a 1,5m distance, use of a mask) must be strictly respected. No group meetings are allowed on-site.


The University’s restaurants are closed and turned into study halls where you may interact, digitally, with your professors and classmates.
  • These spaces are entirely dedicated to individual study and are in no way meeting places.
  • Sanitary measures (a 1,5m distance, use of a mask) must be strictly respected.
  • Group work cannot, therefore, be carried out via physical meetings of several students in these premises.

Please check our Restaurants and shops page.


All ULB Sports activities are suspended from 26 October to 19 November 2020, included. 

ULB Medical services

The Medical Service of the Solbosch campus is open by appointment only and under certain conditions.

Before going to the Medical Service, please note that:
  • you must make an appointment by telephone only (02 650 29 29, Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 4 PM). No access will be allowed without an appointment;
  • you must go into the consultation alone;
  • you must wear a mask to enter the building;
  • if you present COVID-19 symptoms, you will not be admitted in the waiting room. You will be able to contact a general practitioner during his consultation hours (call 02 650 29 29).
Sanitary measures will be put in place in the building (regular cleaning of the premises, systematic disinfection of equipment and furniture, etc.).

Outside calling hours, three useful numbers are available:
  • On-call GPs in Brussels: 02 201 22 22
  • On-call GPs: 1733 (more info: www.1733.be)
  • FPS Health: 0800 14 689

Partner universities

Incoming students

  • ULB will welcome incoming students in person at the beginning of the next academic year. ULB will strictly follow and abide by the national recommendations and all measures taken thus far are subject to change according to the National Security Council's decisions. In the meantime, we invite students to get their Erasmus exchange process started whilst remaining cautious (do not sign any binding contract without an explicit green light or any kind of insurance). For more information, please contact your faculty coordinators.

Teaching arrangements

  • The authorities of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation announced on Friday 23 October the suspension of all face-to-face courses, including those of BA1, for higher education from Monday 26 October until 19 November 2020 included. Laboratories, practical work and project workshops that can under no circumstances be held remotely may be held face-to-face provided the mask is worn at all times. Other teaching activities (seminars, reverse classes, etc.) must be held remotely.
  • It will not be possible for students to only follow their classes online, we kindly encourage them to be present on-campus for all teaching activities that require an on-site presence.
  • We fully understand if your students may have a change of heart and decide to cancel or postpone their stay. If this is the case, please notify us via the usual nomination contacts.
  • This information may change according to the instructions of the Belgian Federal and Regional authorities. 
Updated on November 4, 2020