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Summer School à Rome en histoire et archéologie

Publié le 3 juin 2019 Mis à jour le 3 juin 2019

Dans le cadre du réseau CIVIS rassemblant 8 universités européenne, l'Université La Sapienza de Rome offre à 5 étudiants de l'ULB de participer à une summer school en histoire et archéologie.

L'Université de Rome La Sapienza, organisera cet été une summer school sur le thème "The Changing Landscapes of Classical World. Archeology and History of the Roman city and its rural hinterland". 40 étudiants des universités membres du réseau CIVIS y seront invités (5 par université) sans frais d'inscription ni d'hébergement.

The course is aimed at graduate and postgraduate students interested in: history and archaeology of ancient Rome; Latin grammar and literature; preservation and enhancement of cultural heritage; methods and techniques to achieve it. The course requires basic knowledge of standard archaeological methods and procedures (typologies, excavation, and archaeological survey) and Computer Aided Design software. It can be used at different levels in graduate students’ careers to improve personal skills in the following areas/specializations: Classics, Classical Antiquity, Heritage management and/or planning of any kind of works in urban and/or rural areas, professional development in the field of Cultural Heritage, Archaeology and Tourism. For this reason, the course can be useful for approaching these issues also at higher levels of education and, in particular, may contribute to the orientation towards the choice of following studies/working experience.

The School program is divided into two classes: Archeology (Class A) and Latin (Class B).

  • Module 1 (first week) - Classics in Sapienza: Artifacts, Texts, Monuments, Landscape and History
  • Module 2 (second week) – Fieldwork: landscape archaeology and archaeological analyses of a multi-layered site in and or around Rome (Hadrian’s Villa near Tivoli).

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