Until further notice, the ground rule remains teleworking in all situations that allow it.

1. Specific exceptions

Researchers who need transportable equipment (books, notes, hard disk, USB key, laptop, ...) to enable them to continue their research at home are allowed to come and collect it. We ask them to notify their department head beforehand who will ensure that entry into the premises is authorised at a time when their attendance is compatible with the recommended preventive measures (see below).

2. Structural exceptions

Researchers who are unable to carry out their research at home are allowed to return to the university premises provided that they comply with the prevention measures detailed below. It is impossible to draw up an exhaustive list of research activities requiring an on-site presence and the common sense of each laboratory manager is called upon to assess the situation. By way of example, and without this list having to be considered as exhaustive, we can mention activities requiring handling in the laboratories, consultation of books or examination of archaeological items that cannot leave the premises, access to data stored on servers that cannot be accessed from the outside... In all cases, the department manager must be informed beforehand of your return to the premises and explicitly authorise it, by way of an e-mail, for example.


3. Sharing facilities

In some situations, resuming on-site activities of all research requiring a presence on the premises will not allow for the respect of prevention and distancing measures. The heads of departments will then have to arrange shared access (rotations over the week for example) and possibly make choices between the different activities authorised to be resumed on-site.
Updated on October 19, 2020