The latest news ULB's measures regarding the Covid-19 pandemic


In the context of this health crisis, ULB follows the instructions of the National Security Council and invites all members of the university community to follow these instructions in a scrupulous and responsible manner. Remote learning and teleworking are, therefore, to this day, the ground rule for the functioning of our University.

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Institutional communication

Communication is exclusively managed via the central institutional communication channels: institutional emails, ULB website, ULB social networks. Staff members and students are requested to follow the situation and its evolution by connecting to these communication channels. ULB faculties, departments and services are to only share centrally-managed communication messages and not to reformulate it on their side.

Get in touch with ULB services

Please communicate by way of an email. 
Use the search tool, 'directory' option to find your correspondent.

More information on Covid-19


Internships and traineeships

  • Internships are maintained. Their terms and conditions fall under the responsibility of the trainee's host institution. No general decision to suspend internships can be made one-sidedly by the Université libre de Bruxelles.
  • Regarding traineeships in medicine, physiotherapy, osteopathy, dentistry, public health sciences, which take place in hospitals, rest and care homes, pharmacies or the general practitioner's office, students are to continue carrying out their traineeships there. The host institutions must continue to supervise them and provide them with the equipment necessary for their protection and for the smooth running of their internship. If this is not the case, the institution will decide that it cannot accommodate them. Under these conditions, the internship will be suspended and students will have to inform their faculty as soon as possible. If the institution decides to continue the traineeships without providing adequate material, the students are then invited to contact their faculty authorities who will decide to interrupt the traineeship.


  • The University authorities have decided that the first-session evaluations will be taken remotely. You can find a document to help you better prepare for the June session here
  • Each class syllabus and its related exam content are currently being reassessed by your professors bearing, at all times, the exceptional circumstances in mind.
  • The exams procedure run-through can be found on this webpage
  • The evaluation schedule and procedures are provided through MonULB; some teachers may also share information using their regular channels, including the Virtual University. We, therefore, encourage you to check your inbox regularly.
  • University-supported tools—namely Teams and the Virtual University—will enable you to sit your oral and written exams. In order to ensure you do not experience any technical problems, instructions will be sent by e-mail and through MonULB, in order for you to connect to the platforms by May 4; a specific helpdesk will be set up to provide any support you might need. It is essential that you sign in and follow the proper procedure!
  • ULB will set up rooms dedicated to remote exams, for students whose home environment does not allow them to sit exams. These rooms will not offer more services than what is available at home: tables, chairs and Wi-Fi signal, so that you may sit exams using your own computer. This resource will be offered only to students who absolutely need it; you must contact us in advance to book an exam room. A registration form is available on MonULB.
  • Students who do not own or have access to a computer should not hesitate to contact us: we have already loaned a number of computers to students in need! The Student Welfare Office can be reached at
  • MA theses vivas are maintained and to be held remotely.

Examinations in a classroom made available by ULB

The registration period to be granted access to a room to take your exams is now over. Indeed, a letter was sent to you on April 30th as well as a monULB app notification. 
These rooms will only be accessible to those who have registered before May 4th at 8pm.
However, if your personal situation has changed or if you are facing an unforeseen emergency (internet connection cut off, construction work has begun nearby, forced relocation, etc.), you can send an email to:
Your request will be analyzed with great sympathy as soon as possible.


Do you need technical assistance during your exams?

Contact the hotline on +32 2 585 53 52 from 08:00 to 20:00. Don't forget to have your student card at hand.
During the examination period, a hotline will be available for students who are having trouble accessing the examination platform (Teams for oral exams, Virtual University 2 for written exams).

This hotline is available from Monday to Saturday from 08:00 to 20:00 (21:00 depending on the exam schedule). All students and teachers are invited to test their connection to these platforms before the beginning of the exam session, with the equipment they will use during the session. Should you not have completed these tests, the hotline will not be able to help you as effectively as expected. You will find all the practical instructions relating to these connections here.

If you are unable to use your testing setup right before or during your exam, please call +32 2 585 53 52.

You will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Surname, first name, netID, personnel number, quality/relationship with ULB (students, teacher, other)
  • Number (mnemonic) of the course in question, title, name of the professor
  • A phone number where we can call you back if necessary

You may also be asked to provide other information depending on the problem you are experiencing. Note that, in order for us to assist you as efficiently as possible, the operator you will have online may require to take control of your machine remotely. If you consent, you will be asked to run an application according to the operator's instructions.

If in spite of your best efforts, you are unable to submit your exam, the hotline will notify the academic authorities, who will make the necessary arrangements and keep you informed. At any time, you can also check the state of online platforms for your exams on this page.


The study and workspaces in ULB’s libraries will be closed and replaced by three computer labs (1 per campus), to be used exclusively by students who have no other access to proper work conditions. Students may access these rooms using their badges from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. The computer labs are located:

Solbosch campus
Renaissance 1 room
J.1.202 (accessible via entrance J.A1.301)

La Plaine campus
Computer science room

Erasme Campus
PADI-SCIENCES Computer room

  • To meet the most pressing needs, and before the complete reopening of our libraries, a "Click and Collect" service to borrow books will be set up: online booking and dispatching in each of ULB's libraries.
  • The on-demand digitization service for journal articles and book chapters will be maintained
  • Work and study areas within the libraries will remain closed.
  • Other resources and services (remote access to electronic resources, online support and help) will remain unchanged.
  • For the concrete and precise details of these measures, consult the libraries website's regular updates.

Psychological support for students

The Mental Health Service at ULB (SSM-ULB) currently remains open and organises stand-by duty for crisis situations and the follow-up of its patients, on its 3 sites (Psycampus, La Plaine, the Guidance centre).  The SSM-ULB gives priority to tele/video consultations but will meet with patients if the situation requires it and if a meeting seems to be able to provide adequate and sufficient help.

Students can contact the SSM-ULB from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm by phone or email ONLY:
At Psycampus :

02/650 20 25,
Av A Buyl 127, 1050 Ixelles

At la Plaine :

02/650 59 26,
Campus de la Plaine, blvd du Triomphe, Accès n°2, bâtiment HB, 1050 - Bruxelles

At the centre de Guidance :

02/503 15 56,
Rue Haute, 293, 1000 – Bruxelles


Help from the Student Social Service (SSE)

  • The Student Social Service can be requested by any student of the University facing financial, family, legal and/or administrative problems. The SSE has precise and varied information that the student will be able to use in the best possible way to organise his or her life during the period of study. It can also grant a whole range of social assistance.
  • In the current situation, you may be experiencing exceptional financial problems. If this is the case, do not hesitate to contact the Student Social Services Department by e-mail at
  • More information on the ULB website or via

Rent and accommodation

  • If you are normally staying in one of ULB's residences and have left it to live elsewhere during the confinement: ULB will not levy the charges due for the months of quarantine, i.e. April, May and maximum June (i.e. 3 x 38 €).
  • If you have not left your place, whether in one of ULB's residences or any other accommodation and are having difficulties in paying your future rent (April, May or June), get in touch with the University's Student Social Services ( as soon as possible. They will assess your situation with you and decide on the assistance that can be granted.
  • If you decide to end your lease agreement early, you will normally be liable for compensation of at least 2 months’ rent and at most 3 months’ rent. You can discuss this with your landlord to try to reach an amical agreement. Moreover, in the event that a new lessee, approved by the lessor, takes over the lease, the two parties may jointly agree to limit the compensation of the loss of actual rent.
  • If you rent accommodation in Belgium and wish to come back on the Belgian territory for your exams and the "blocus", download this document, fill it in and send it to Once all the provided information is verified, we will send it back to you. 

Legal help

If you are looking for support for legal advice, you can contact the Asbl “Quid”. It is a specific university platform that can answer students’ legal questions. You can contact the people who are responsible by email to the following address

Members of ULB's programme for all ages (CEPULB)

As a safety measure, and with the approval of CEPULB’s President, it has been decided to suspend all activities in ULB’s programme for all ages until further notice.

Teaching activities

  • Useful resources created by CAP can be found on the Staff Portal;
  • Nonessential gatherings (conferences, seminars, lectures, etc.) must be postponed or cancelled;

Check out our webpage dedicated to the maintenance of our teaching activities.

Staff members

Updated measures can be consulted on the dedicated webpage.

Partner universities

  • Exams

    • The modalities for the 2019-2020 end-of-year examinations were made available to all students on 27 April.
    • ULB has already decided that they will not be held in person. ULB will take into account the constraints of exchange students returning to their home country.
    • More info
  • Academic year 2020-2021

    • To date, ULB confirms it will welcome exchange students for the 1st quadrimester of 2020-21. The deadline for partner nominations is May 15. This information may change according to the instructions of the Belgian Federal Government.  

Psychological support for staff members

In light of the Covid-19 health crisis, ULB has set up a psychosocial support platform available to all its staff members. The aim of this platform is to offer listening time and psychosocial support. Interviews will be done by telephone or WhatsApp video with one of the members of the platform, who are listed below: 
  • Psychosocial prevention counsellors: Sandra Billy, Estelle Van Ingelgem and Mathieu Dedobbeleer
  • People you can trust: Isabelle Decot, Yvon Molinghen and Nicolas Van Der Linden
These conversations are strictly confidential. General information on the issues identified will be relayed, if necessary, to the Authorities to support the functioning and institutional communication of the University.
If you feel the need, you can send your request for a telephone interview to the following e-mail address:, mentioning the telephone number and the time slots during which you can be reached.  We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.  

Social services for staff members (SSP)

The social workers of the SSP remain available, initially by e-mail. They will then be able to contact you by telephone.
The SSP continues to follow up on requests, in particular for :
  • Granting financial, social and administrative support... And more particularly in these difficult times, the SSP is attentive to responding to urgent requests, particularly those linked to the difficulties encountered by the staff within the framework of Covid-19.
  • Receive and process files relating to statutory benefits :
    • Reimbursement of health care: during this period of confinement, the SSP exceptionally accepts the sending of invoices and certificates attesting that a treatment was provided by e-mail:  Reimbursement will be made, within the limits of possibilities.
    • Reimbursement of nursery expenses (outside of ULB): you can send your request and documents by e-mail to
  • Help you in the following areas:
    • Health: health insurance, insurance, maternity, physical and mental disabilities, accidents at work, illness.
    • Family: budget, housing, death of a relative.
    • Granting of social leave if necessary.
The SSP team remains available to support you in these special and difficult times, both financially and in all your daily difficulties. They are keen to keep in touch with you, so do not hesitate to contact our social workers: or
More information can be found on the staff portal and in the social brochure.

Staff-oriented support platform

All information about the measures taken by the ULB authorities and the organisation of the University in the current context can be found on this very webpage. However, in order to be able to continue to be present and to listen to questions and queries relating to Covid-19, an e-mail support has been created. It is only accessible to staff members.

Facility access and restaurants

  • On-campus restaurants remain closed.
  • Gathering places, including recreational ones, are closed.
  • As a security measure, access to the various buildings can only be gained by using one's personal badge or by calling the dispatching centre via the intercom systems provided for this purpose or by telephone (02 650 2614).

Institutional events, cultural activities and student activities

  • On-campus student activities are cancelled or postponed. Student organizations are asked to apply the same instruction to their off-campus activities;
  • Cultural, sports and festive activities are cancelled or postponed;
  • Gathering places, including recreational ones, are closed.
  • Institutional and faculty events are cancelled or postponed.

Incoming mobility

2019-2020 Mobilities

If you are a student, a teacher, a researcher or a staff member doing a mobility exchange at ULB:
  • You are free to continue your curriculum/stay here or to return to your home university.
  • As exams will be taken remotely, you should be able to take them whether you decided to stay in Belgium or have come back to your country.
  • ULB follows the recommendations laid down by the Belgian government for entry into the country.
  • If you find yourself in need of financial aid, please reach out to your home university to assess what can be provided to you. 

2020-2021 Mobilities

For the moment, ULB is still planning on welcoming exchange students in September 2020. However, as the situation is far from being stabilized, we cannot ensure you that this decision will not be overturned.  In any case, ULB will strictly follow and abide by the national recommendations and all measures taken thus far are subject to change according to the National Security Council's decisions. In the meantime, we invite students to get their Erasmus exchange process started whilst remaining cautious (do not sign any binding contract without the explicit green light or any kind of insurance).


Outgoing mobility

1. If you are a student
  • currently staying abroad
If you have difficulties coming back to Belgium at the end of your stay abroad, contact Lara Rauwers (
  • due to leave soon :
Students who will soon be leaving or arriving within the framework of student mobility must cancel their trip.

2020-2021 mobilities
  • Outgoing mobilities are still planned, provided that all universities involved give their green light, that the borders reopen and that the national authorities' allow them.  
  • Do get in touch with your faculty if you have any question or wish to postpone (or cancel) your stay abroad.
  • We invite students to get their Erasmus exchange process started whilst remaining cautious (do not sign any binding contract without the explicit green light or any kind of insurance).

2. You are a staff member and need to travel for business reasons? 

  • Since June 15, trips abroad are allowed. Since June 15, you can travel abroad and come here.
  • The only countries you can go to are the EU countries, including the United Kingdom and the Schengen area (Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway).
  • Take careful note of the measures undertaken by the country you are going to. You can find them on the website of the FPS Foreign Affairs or on the website of the European Union.
  • Visit the FPS Mobility website for more information on road, air, sea and rail transport.
  • Should you go abroad, you must fill in this authorisation form.

3. Staff members expecting colleagues visiting from an area or a country identified as an at-risk area

Reception of foreign colleagues, researchers and doctoral students must be postponed or cancelled.

4. You are currently abroad?

  • Diplomatic and consular offices remain the go-to contact points for all Belgian citizens who are abroad.  
  • The FPS Foreign Affairs reminded the need for all Belgian nationals to register on Indeed, all communications will be made via text messages or e-mails to registered Belgian citizens. 
  • Students, researchers and members of staff who are not Belgian nationals are invited to contact the embassy or consulate of their country of origin as a matter of priority.

5. Extension of one's stay in Belgium

Third-country nationals who are prevented from leaving Belgium for reasons of force majeure (quarantine, flight cancellation, border closure, etc.) may request authorisation to extend their stay. More information and the de-facto procedure are provided on the Immigration Office website

ULB Medical services

The Medical Service of the Solbosch campus is open by appointment only and under certain conditions.

Before going to the Medical Service, please note that:
  • you must make an appointment by telephone only (02 650 29 29, Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 4 PM). No access will be allowed without an appointment;
  • you must go into the consultation alone;
  • you must wear a mask to enter the building;
  • if you present COVID-19 symptoms, you will not be admitted in the waiting room. You will be able to contact a general practitioner during his consultation hours (call 02 650 29 29).
Sanitary measures will be put in place in the building (regular cleaning of the premises, systematic disinfection of equipment and furniture, etc.).

Outside calling hours, two useful numbers are available:
  • On-call GPs in Brussels: 02 201 22 22
  • FPS Health: 0800 14 689




What to do in the event of a suspected case (student, staff member, family or friend)?

Call your doctor and notify the University as soon as possible by contacting Dr Alain Levêque, the coordinator of ULB’s coronavirus response, and include your surname, name, date of birth and/or ULB ID. Briefly explain why you are contacting him, and provide a telephone number. Alain Levêque will get in touch with you.

What to do if a member of the university community is confirmed as having Covid-19?

If a staff member, student or international visitor is diagnosed with COVID-19,  it must be notified immediately to Dr Alain Levêque, the coordinator of ULB's coronavirus response, and include your surname, name, date of birth and/or ULB ID. Briefly explain why you are contacting him, and provide a telephone number. Alain Levêque will get in touch with you.

Parents of children

The day-care centres on the Erasme and the Solbosch campuses are open.
Schools With regard to day-care, given the deconfinement of certain sectors of activity, including ours, parents who will be returning to work on-site will in principle have access to day-care centres in their children's schools. Where childcare can be arranged in the home, it is suggested that the capacities of the said childcare centres be taken into account.
As a parent, you may have questions on the measures implemented by schools and daycare centres. You can find answers on the National Office for Children’s website.
Updated on June 25, 2020