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1st Cofund IF@ULB transdisciplinary symposium

Publié le 6 avril 2022 Mis à jour le 20 avril 2022

DAY 1 – Monday May 2nd

  • 9h00: opening of the doors – arrival of the participants
  • 9h30: Opening speech by the Vice-Rector to Research, Marius Gilbert

Life Sciences

  • 9h40: Dias Mirandela Gaetan "A multidisciplinary approach to a structure-function characterization of Mep-Amt-Rh ammonium transport proteins and their pathophysiological roles"
  • 10h00: Goncalves Thiago "Lignin Oxidative Fungal Enzymatic Response"
  • 10h20: Galais Mathilde "New insight into molecular regulation of HIV latency within reservoirs of myeloid origin”
  • 10h40: Zago Erika “Adding value to Belgian breweries' by-product by sustainably extracting and transforming bioactive phenolic compounds”
  • 11h00: Coffee break / poster session

Physical and Engineering Sciences

  • 11h30: Da silva Machado de Freitas Rodolfo “Enhancement of turbulent combustion models for MILD combustion via deep learning”
  • 11h50: Comolli Alessandro "Dynamics of A+B->C reaction fronts under radial advection in a Poiseuille flow" 
  • 12h10: Mohammady Mohammad Hamed "Thermodynamically free quantum measurements"

12h30: Lunch break/poster session

  • 14h00: Parimalanathan Senthil Kumar "Tears of Alcohol"
  • 14h20: Ryan Kasyfil Aziz "A very brief introduction to noncommutative geometry"
  • 14h40: De Morais Bertoldi “Development of solid fuel for hybrid rocket engines”
  • 15h00: Gonzalez Pintos Nicolas  "Gamma-ray Astronomy at the highest energies in nature"

15h20: Coffee break / poster session

Social Sciences & Humanities

  • 15h50: Gaatone Nimrod "The Jewish education in Europe in the 18th century: the case of the Sephardim".
  • 16h10: Uffreduzzi Elisa "Women’s Impact on Silent Screen PErformance Reloaded"
  • 16h30: LEMAIRE Lea  “Governing through relocation: exploring how small states design and operate EU-migration policies”

16h50: END OF DAY 1

DAY 2 – Tuesday May 3rd

  • 9h30: Judson "The Tyranny of the Text(books): Writing and Teaching Narratives of Ancient Greek Culture"
  • 9h50: Laftsidis Alexandros "Glocalization in the Hellenistic World: the Ceramic Evidence"
  • 10h10: Nol Hagit "The earliest mosques: different perspectives"

10h30: Coffee break / poster session

  • 11h00: Kende Judit “Population, politics, prejudice: Can equality reduce natives’ prejudice and increase immigrants’ belonging”
  • 11h20: Kopper Moisés "Construing the Future through Data Infrastructures: The Techno-Politics of Brazil’s New Middle Class"  
  • 11h40: Bettarelli Luca "Political polarization: a political geography perspective”

12h10: END OF DAY 2

Poster sessions :

Caron Cora (MSCA ITN, Comm4CHILD) "The effect of Cued Speech perception on auditory processing in typically hearing adults"
Lunghi Daniele (MSCA ITN, DEDS) “Adversarial-based oversampling in credit card fraud detection: a novel approach"
Gelain Riccardo (MSCA ITN, ASCENSION) “Design and development of an optical access hybrid rocket slab burner”
Sieffert Emmanuel (MSCA – IF) "Programmable elastocapillary curling of liquid-infused ribbed membranes"
De Lucia Francesco (MSCA – IF) “All-fiber nonlinear devices for a new generation of light sources”
Restivo Antoine (MSCA – ITN, AppQinfo) "Photonic Interferometry and the Central Limit Theorem”
Mirzael Mahta (IF@ULB) “Peptide-functionalized PCL with immunomodulatory activity and stimulating effect on Fibroblasts”

Registration (Mandatory)


Du 2 mai 2022 au 3 mai 2022

Salle Dupréel (S building, level 2, Solbosch campus)