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Artificial Intelligence & pandemics - European AI Week

Publié le 8 mars 2022 Mis à jour le 8 mars 2022

This round table gathers several high-level European experts to talk about the use of AI in a pandemic context. Indeed, Covid-19 ineluctably raises the question of the use, pertinence and limitations of AI techniques in the context of a pandemic.

Several aspects will be tackled, including the models used to represent and predict the pandemic dynamics, the fast development of vaccines leveraging AI techniques, the contact tracing and identification of clusters of contamination thanks to AI,… The focus will also be put on the ethical aspects of the use of AI during a pandemic, as well as data privacy.

The introduction words will be given by Prof. Philippe Dubois, Rector of UMONS and Hans De Canck, co-director of FARI – AI for the common good institute (ULB/VUB).

The concluding word will be given by Nathanaël Ackerman, head of AI4Belgium.
le 14 mars 2022