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Chaire Francqui 2021 en sciences : Introduction to homological mirror symmetry

Publié le 9 mars 2021 Mis à jour le 15 mars 2021

Leçon inaugurale de Michel Van den Bergh, directeur de recherche au FNRS le 31 mars 2021.

Considerations from physics suggest the existence of a phenomenon called mirror symmetry which, very roughly speaking, exchanges complex and symplectic geometry.
Although the underlying physical theory is not mathematically rigorous, mirror symmetry nonetheless makes many testable predictions.  In the inaugural lecture we will give a gentle introduction to vector bundles on spaces with the aim of explaining the most basic instance of mirror symmetry which relates vector bundles on the 2-sphere to curves on a cylinder.

The series of lectures will be held online 
  • March 31 2021 at 4 PM - Inaugural Lecture
  • April 21 2021 at 4PM - Overview
  • April 28 2021 at 4PM - Symplectic side
  • May 5 2021 at 4PM - Algebraic tools
  • May 10 2021 at 4PM - Formulation
Please register online : sciences.ulb.be/la-recherche/francqui-chair-2021

Le 31 mars 2021