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3rd Waseda Brussels Conference: Democracy at the Crossroads, Populism and its Consequences on Political Trust

Publié le 3 décembre 2019 Mis à jour le 3 décembre 2019

On behalf of Waseda University and Université libre de Bruxelles, we are pleased to invite you to the 3rd Waseda Brussels Conference at the Belgian Royal Academy on Tuesday, December 17, 2019.

The conference will be a place for those engaged in collaborative research projects at Waseda, ULB and other European institutions to unveil their latest research. The theme of the event is Populism and its Consequences on Political Trust. Has the diffusion of populist messages led to a decay in trust in politics? Is this phenomenon global and applicable - beyond Europe and the US - to Asian countries such as Japan? The Waseda Brussels Conference this year will focus on how the rise of populism has affected the ways in which politics works and citizens perceive politics in the contemporary world. The Conference will bring together experts of academia and government in the study of electoral campaigning, political attitudes and behavior, public opinion surveys and social media data analysis to present and share opinions on this subject.
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Le 17 décembre 2019

Royal Academy of Belgium
Rue Ducale, 1 – 1000 Brussels