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Science & Cocktails #15 New ways to eradicate cancer

Publié le 4 octobre 2019 Mis à jour le 4 octobre 2019

How do tumors grow? What makes cancer spread through the body? What effective ways do we have to battle cancer? And how can our own immune system help to slow down tumor growth?

For decades, scientists have developed cancer therapies that target rapidly dividing cancer cells. Although, in many cases, more than 50% of the cells residing in tumors are not cancer cells, but cells of our immune system, which are supposed to protect us from diseases. However, many of these immune cells are cooperating with the cancer cells to enhance tumor growth. What are these immune cells doing exactly? Which immune cells are our allies or our enemies and can we manipulate them to boost their anti-tumor functions by so-called immunotherapies?

The young and upcoming science talent Damya Laoui is exploring the role of the immune system in tumor progression and is developing new personalized immunotherapies based on dendritic cells. This work got her the Dunia Award (African Awards) and the MIT Innovator under 35 Europe Award 2017. She was nominated for the Woman in Technology and Science award and is encouraging young women to start studies and pursue careers in STEM. Tonight she will tell us all about her innovative new techniques to win the battle against cancer.
Afterwards, we'll get our doses of dry-ice chilled, homemade cocktails at the bar together with a good shot of live music from Glü. This band from Brussels combines various electronic styles in an energetic live blend with psychedelic visuals. Guaranteed to be a feast to the eyes and ears!

More information on Science and Cocktail on the site. Entrance fee is 7 euros and includes a free cocktail (or any other drink from the bar). Entry to the concert is free after the talk (~21:30). The event is held in English. Register for the talk.
Le 30 octobre 2019