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Join the Institut d'Études européennes and explore the impact of free movement of people in the EU in the localities touched by migration.

The IEE-ULB invites you to participate in the conference by Valer Simion Cosma, "The Anonymous People of Migration", on February 18th, 2020.
Cosma manages the project Anonimii Migrației. Laura Calabrese (ULB-MAM) will be the discussant.

The project
Anonimii Migrației is an interdisciplinary and multicultural cultural intervention project aimed at the cultural activation of 4 localities (3 of which are rural) in Sălaj county in order to produce a documentary theater show, a mini theater tour, a traveling photo exhibition and a printed brochure.

All these elements will be based on people’s testimonies as well as on an online forum and will draw attention to a serious problem that affects the whole of Romanian rural area, as well as small and medium-sized urban areas.

Villages are empty due to the fact that Romanians left to live and work elsewhere. Through a collaboration between artists and scientists, the project documents on video, audio and photos the stories of migration, loneliness and abandonment of the elderly and the remaining children in the targeted localities.
Photo credits: Vlad Petri
Le 18 février 2020

à 18h


Institute for European Studies (Avenue Franklin Roosevelt 39), Salle Spaak