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ULB carries on its deconfinement and organises the return of students to its campuses in September.

Published on June 30, 2020 Updated on June 30, 2020

Following the positive evolution of the health situation in Belgium and the instructions of the National Security Council and the authorities of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, has adapted its deconfinement and other organisational measures for the next academic year, making it possible to prioritise the presence of students on campus, bearing in mind everyone’s safety.

As of July 6, a series of activities will once again be authorised, such as continuing education activities, preparatory courses, scientific symposia, summer schools and cultural activities, as well as library work.

The deconfinement will be further intensified at the start of the new academic. Following the latest measures issued by the Minister for Higher Education, ULB will adapt its initial plan so as to enable you to enjoy a more significant presence on the campuses. Students’ health safety and that of the staff members will, of course, remain at the heart of this plan, which will also enable ULB to respond to any changes in the epidemic and in the public authorities' measures.

The "1 week out of 3" student rotation is cancelled. Each professor will adapt his or her theoretical course programme to avoid overflowing the auditoriums and classrooms. Teaching activities in the workshops, practical workrooms and laboratories will be maintained as usual.

Students will thus be able to enjoy a genuine campus life experience, with a lighter face-to-face curriculum and a pedagogical approach that takes into account the specificities of each faculty and discipline.

One week will be devoted to welcoming BA1s who will thus have priority access on campus. This will allow newcomers to get smoothly accustomed to their new university life with their professors and classmates.

In addition to teaching activities, students' university life will remain enriched by all extra-curricular activities, be they cultural, associative or festive, will be allowed on campus with special organisational measures, as this aspect of student life is particularly important to us.

Finally, the second exam session will be held remotely, as was the first session that has just ended.