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Statement by the National Rectors’ Conferences of Belgium on the war in Ukraine - 27 February 2022

Publié le 28 février 2022 Mis à jour le 28 février 2022

Les recteurs des 11 universités belges ont pris position dans une déclaration commune à la suite de la guerre en Ukraine.

The Flemish Interuniversity Council (VLIR), the Conseil des Recteurs (CRef) and their eleven member universities:

  1. Are deeply saddened by the start of war in Ukraine, which entails loss of civilian lives, human suffering and material destruction.
  2. Will undertake to the best of their abilities all necessary actions to support researchers and students from Ukraine who are blocked from returning home after a stay at a Belgian university.
  3. Appeal to all Governments involved to make sure that academic cooperation can continue as much as possible, as it allows the free flow of thoughts even during the darkest hours of armed conflict.
  4. Praise those members of the academic community in the Russian Federation, staff and students alike, who speak out against war and who continue to advocate academic freedom.