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Welcome (back)!

Published on August 31, 2021 Updated on September 16, 2021

On September 16 and 17, let's celebrate this new academic year together! Let's meet up and enjoy cultural and festive activities, open to the whole community, which will be organized as an extension of the Welcome Week for new students.

Note: For health reasons, registration is compulsory and the Covid safe ticket is required for some events listed in the programme below.



Back to debates!

On September 16, come and debate in free assemblies. On the Solbosch campus, join Marius Gilbert who will kick off various debates that will touch upon the health crisis and will be led by the students. The same day, on the Erasme campus, we will discuss with Charline Urbain the hot topic of vaccination, as an extension of the first issue of the PRISME webzine.

  • Please note, registration is required for this event

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Debates "lessons learnt from the crisis"

September 16 on the Solbosch campus – “guinguette” in the Janson car park:

lessons learnt from the crisis

  • 3 pm-3.45pm: inaugural debate moderated by Marius Gilbert
  • 4 pm-5.45pm: debate on the theme "lessons learnt from the crisis" and and led by the students 
    • How to link health crisis, social crisis and ecology?
    • What civic commitments must be defended, now and in the future? What new solidarities must emerge?
    • What is it like to be young in 2021, during the time of the pandemic? Youth: forgotten and the first victim of the crisis?
  • 5 pm-5.45pm: thematic debates
    • What role for the university and what places for science and critical thinking in times of crisis?
    • What to think of the purely political management of the crisis?
    • What lessons can be learned from the crisis for the healthcare sector?

Debates "vaccinated? What’s next?"

September 16 on the Erasme campus – “guinguette” in the faculty square:

4 pm-5:30pm: PRISME debate on the topic "vaccinated? What’s next?", Moderated by Charline Urbain

vaccinated? What’s next?

vaccinated? What’s next?

  • Status of vaccination coverage (Yves Coppieters)
  • Efficacy of vaccines to date and pharmacovigilance (Muriel Moser)
  • Is the vaccine compulsory or giving rise to different rights? (Vanessa De Greef)
  • Health measures at the start of the school year - why, how? (Alain Levêque)
  • Can we eradicate the Sars-CoV-2 virus-why? (Muriel Moser)

Back to culture! 

On September 17, join us on Place Flagey and spend a culturally festive afternoon with many artists and talented students!

  • Please note, registration is required for this event
  • Your Covid safe ticket will be requested at the entrance
REGISTRATION FORM NEW: this event is now SOLD OUT and is no longer accepting new registrations.
  • From the Solbosch and Erasmus campuses, a shuttle service will take you to Place Flagey
Shuttle from the Solbosch campus (meet at the Presses Universitaires de Bruxelles at the top of avenue Héger):
  • 3:30 pm.
  • 4 pm.
  • 4:30 pm.
Shuttle from the Erasme campus (meet in front of the Ibis Hotel, route de Lennik 790):
  • 3 pm.
  • 3:30 pm.
  • 4 pm.


  • Between 4 pm and 8 pm, many concerts and events await you, presented by the one and only Jeny !

  • 3:55 pm: Fanfare Funky Bodding

In this gray and drab world, where depression lurks, Funky Bodding is on a mission to bring colour into our lives! The well-known CCT (Comité de la Couleur Transcendentale) has chosen as ambassador this jovial group to spread their good humour through fiery rhythms and luminous sounds. In this new musical, colourful and festive show, these happy musicians celebrate colour in all its forms! Ska Green? Funk Red? Blues Duck? White Disco? Each track is a musical tribute to a colour and the opportunity to transform our daily lives into an explosive fireworks display! A musical lumino-therapy that will make you see all the colours! A festive, offbeat, original fanfare that makes good humour contagious!

  • 4:15 pm: Margo

This group followed the dynamics of two students of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, one in Jazz (Sebastian) and the other in Classical music (Margo). The composer, Margo, who also plays, finds many influences in English pop, world music and jazz. Like all of us, she is unconsciously nostalgic for the past, hence the somewhat retro consonances of the years 79-80 in her songs. In addition, his specialty at the Royal Conservatory being lyrical singing, her compositions are mainly focused on singing, often more developed than other instruments.

  • 4:40 pm: Dancers Rebounce

International Urban Dance Crew

  • 4:50 pm: Korat 

Liam Nazé, 24,Master's student in Physiotherapy at ULB. "I like to rap in my free time and I released a 5-song EP called “Physiotherapper” where I rap my life in general (racism against Asians, insomnia, student binge-drinking, etc.) Fun fact: I am featuring a snippet of “le Semeur” in one of my songs”.

  • 5:10 am: Fanfare Funky Bodding
Find the description of the group at the beginning of this programme.
  • 5:35 am: The FCB's

The group "The FCBs" is made up of 4 ULB alumni: Jacques Creteur and Pierre Vanderhaeghen (Medicine) and Thierry Grégoire and Marc Rosso (EPB). Rock music cover band: U2, Bowie, The Cure, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Jet, Franz Ferdinand, The Clash, White Stripes and many more. They have already took part in ULB’s Nocturnes several times and never miss the opportunity to set a fantastic mood!

Discreet and meticulous, Saskia takes her time to record her first album. Her first single, “Pause”, is a nod to some big names from the Anglo-Saxon R’n’B scene like Jorja Smith or Ella Mai. And if Frank Ocean, Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder or Prince positively impacted her musical culture, she turned to French when writing and composing her first tracks, always on the piano. She is a storyteller, wants authenticity, explores emotions, and blurs genres between pop, hip-hop and electro.

  • 6:40 pm: Fanfare Funky Bodding

Find the description of the group at the beginning of this programme.

  • 7:10 pm: Krisy 

Known as Krisy when standing behind his mic, or as De La Fuentes when he puts on his sound engineer and producer hat, this self-taught Belgian artist is ubiquitous in the French-speaking rap scene. This young Brussels resident notably produced Damso's album, "batterie faible", which is to this day a platinum record.

  • 7:30 pm: Dancers Rebounce
  • 7:40 pm: Echt! 

ECHT! it's a group from Brussels just how we like them. A sort of zinneke music that mixes jazz with electronic music, giving it a particular colour and energy. Exclusively instrumental, the group includes Martin Méreau on drums, Dorian Dumont on keyboards, Florent Jeunieaux on guitar and Federico Pecoraro on bass.

Back to theater!

Relive the excitement by supporting the theaters!

Life resumes almost everywhere, but especially on stages that had remained deserted and silent for over a year.
In solidarity with this cultural revival which is essential to us, ULB Culture is partnering with several theaters.
For the start of the school year, we are offering you seats for their new shows, meetings with actors and scenographers, and wide open rooms to discover.

Hurry to participate, places are limited to watch the curtain rise!

Go to the platform below to register until 09/13 at 12:00 pm.

See the program and register

1 registration = 2 places maximum and you can only register once. Enjoy the show!

Back to basics!

This 188th academic year will officially kick off during the formal sitting. We will take this opportunity to honour those who have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic.

• Shuttles from the Erasme campus will be available upon registration
• Please note, registration is required for this event
• Your Covid safe ticket will be requested at the entrance

Registration form

September 17, 5 pm. to 6:30 pm:

Formal kick off of the academic year - Solbsoch campus - La Fontaine auditorium

  • Cortege entry and launch of the ceremony
  • Speech by the Chairman of the Administrative Board, Pierre Gurdjian
  • Address by personnel representatives: Caroline Godefroid and Sadik Yenilmez, student representatives. Ramzi Ben Hassen, representative of the scientific body. Corine Humblet and Simon Lacroix, representatives of the PATGS.
  • Speech by the Rector, Annemie Schaus
  • Award ceremony to Christian kangulumba (health care staff), Dominique Watteyne (shared refrigerators), Céline Nieuwenhuys (Federation of social services).
  • Carte blanche - Faouzia Charfi
  • Closing of the formal session of the academic year

Back to party!

And, last but not least, this day will end with a bang with a giant TD organized on the Place de Brouckère. It will be an opportunity for everyone to share a unique moment in the heart of the city.

  • Please note, registration is required for this event
  • Your Covid safe ticket will be requested at the entrance
  • Payments at the bar will only be made by credit card
Registration form NEW: this event is now SOLD OUT and is no longer accepting new registrations.

From Place Flagey, a shuttle service will take you to Place de Brouckère:

  • 7:30 pm.
  • 7.45 pm. (2 shuttles)
  • 8 pm. (2 shuttles)
  • 8:15 pm.

September 17, 8 pm. to 11 pm:

  • Giant TD - Place de Brouckère

From September 16, 2021 to September 17, 2021