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Digital in Commons Social Economy and Europe - Data for good x Women in tech

Publié le 9 novembre 2023 Mis à jour le 28 novembre 2023

This conference will explore these two themes and highlight the links between them: what are the key issues in the development of "Data for Common good" for the european Digital model and how can we attract more women to these meaningful tech professions? These are the questions our speakers will be answering.

Public: tech and social economy professionals, European and local institutions, students and researchers.
The event takes place: at
Be Central, Cantersteen 12, 1000, Bruxelles Belgique


9h00-9h30: Welcoming


9.30-10h50: Women in the European Data for Good Space: Challenges, Opportunities and the Path Ahead 

Speakers: Jeanne Bretécher (SOGA), Chloé Vandendriesche (KBF), Olivia Gambelin (Ethical Intelligence) and Dewi van de Vyver (EFFEX)

Moderator: Julia Stamm (The Data Tank)

11h20-12h40: Meaningful tech careers: why is this an opportunity to attract women?

Speakers: Julie Foulon (Girleek), Turba Bircan (ULB/VUB), Manaëlle Perchet (Wemanity), Amandine Capelle (OCTO Technology)

Moderator: Alice Demaret (Sustain.brussels & FARI)

12h40-14h: Lunch

14h-15h: Visit to Be Central and FARI

Partners: Social Good Accelerator, The Data Tank, FARI, Be Central, Orange Digital Center Brussels, ANCT, Crédit Coopératif

Le 16 novembre 2023

Be Central, Cantersteen 12, 1000, Bruxelles Belgique